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I am a writer who started in fiction and for the past fifteen years have worked on grants and marketing and communications projects.

Copyright, Defamation, and the Big Tech Media Exemption

I sense a misconception about "Section 230" and the massive carve out for tech.* Most people seem to sense that it removes liability concerns for online publishers/platforms. That is correct. The misconception is that it has mostly to do with "That radical posted something bad - Twitter, FB, Google should not be held liable!" [...]

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Butterfly and Bug and Insect Identification – North Central Florida

New page added to bryanberg.net for identifying butterflies and other insects and bugs in North Central Florida. There are many great pages around the web for identifying butterflies, insects, spiders...anything! Pipevine Swallowtail is a dark butterfly with gray or black forewings and darky dusky blue hindwings with white spots What I have [...]

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