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University of West Georgia

While writing features for UWG (see News for samples) I also perform digital updates in the OmniUpdate CMS and other strategic work in digital communications. One of these is Forever West monthly e-magazine for alumni foundation where I serve as editor, contributor, and technical producer in iModules. While specifics may be proprietary, monthly distribution is in the tens of thousands.


Circulation of the magazine is by alumni subscription only (at about 18,000 currently) with tailored, sensitive information and unique query strings, but you can find a redacted version of a recent Forever West on this site thanks to Dreamweaver.


New Mexico Space Trail

I begin with passion. This project was done in-kind while employed in education and research at NMSU. Originally conceived and constructed for the New Mexico Museum of Space History with MK Design House, New Mexico Department of Tourism has used our 50+ pages of content for it's #NewMexicoTrue brand and campaigns including this website for Sierra County. Due to our clever approach to content strategy and other SEO, the original New Mexico Space Trail website we developed - though 5 years old and not responsive for mobile - was intended as a prototype has been acquired by the state for major development.

E-ONE Fire Apparatus

External link - May 2016 - May 2017)

Going from working with education, government, and entrepreneurial startups to a large manufacturing corporation is definitely an indication of my willingness to leave comfort zones. The first four months on the team have been successful with the website undergoing usability fixes and added content in WordPress while I create associated video interviews and daily posts, press releases and social media where we have doubled reach in the past 4-5 months. We are a team of three in a large company working on these projects and more so have a look and, as they say, be sure to like like us on Facebook!


Western Nebraska Community College

External link - March 2014 - January 2016

Here I worked in all aspects of website content maintenance and  development through Drupal until January, 2016. This included the news blog at its peak reach with associated press releases, social media management, images, video, calendars, and event planning. I also implemented accessibility and ADA strategies as discussed here on LinkedIn.


Other website management, content creation, and social media include College of Education at New Mexico State University, Integrity Auto, LLC, Reaching the Pinnacle with National Science Foundation and College of Civil Engineering at NMSU, and many small businesses.


Social Media

Social media portfolio with statement of approach, samples, and outcomes.



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