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Résumé of Bryan Lindenberger


Career Profile: Marketing Communications

Over 15 years content creation and communications through cost-effective integration of digital messaging channels and external media relations for education, corporation, and nonprofit.



The Details

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University of West Georgia

Managing Editor, Communications Specialist

September 2017 – Present

    • Enhance public perception and exposure of university by working with colleges to write compelling features and press releases used for web, newspapers, newsletters, and paid multimedia campaigns

    • Expand community and donor reach by managing monthly publications distributed as automated digital newsletter and quarterly in print as editor, contributing writer, and technical developer

    • Increase media pickups for my college by writing about complex, scientific topics in a manner not only understandable to wide audiences, but of interest to them



E-ONE Fire Apparatus / REV Group

Communications and Marketing Coordinator

May 2016 – May 2017

    • Expand brand awareness in support of international and domestic dealerships through strategic, low-cost digital and social media campaign management, media contact development, and writing stories for trade magazine and international news outlets including BusinessWire and Yahoo News

    • Increase social media exposure tenfold within three months resulting in 23-25% gain in web sessions

    • Manage corporate store and e-store including ordering, inventory, and sales



Western Nebraska Community College

Digital Communications Manager

March 2014 – January 2016

    • Generate large gains in digital exposure through an engaging, communications approach while reducing associated advertising costs by approximately 90%

    • Increase enrollment by means of targeted, on-brand campaign development including web and social media communications strategy, media invitations, and vendor selection and contract negotiation



New Mexico State University

Project Director, Outreach and Grant Management

August 2008 – September 2013

    • Expand National Science Foundation program partnerships from one campus to multiple, cross-state, regional college and high school campuses

    • Generate revenue while promoting causes through grant research and writing, reports for state legislators, feasibility studies, and developing public and events

    • Plan with industry leaders such Sir Richard Branson (Virgin Galactic) and Peyton Yates (Yates Petroleum Corporation) for community outreach and economic impact assessment



Communications, Marketing, Journalism

Consulting, Freelance, and Contract

January 2001 – Ongoing

    • Generate new funding streams and partnerships through grant writing and reports including analysis of complex qualitative and quantitative data

    •  greater exposure for clients, ranging from digital marketing and communications develpment to newspaper articles

    • Clients include Disney TV, Flying Aggies/NASA, Trauma Center Association of America, Art Schobey and Associates, Integrity Auto, Community Action Agency of Southern New Mexico and many others




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